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If you are looking for a Interior Decorator, your search should start and stop at, Mr. Ghiasi. Mr. Ghiasi, was the only Interior Decorator I consulted for my new condo in downtown San Diego, and within a matter of minutes just by telling him a brief outline of what I was looking for I knew that there was no need to contact anyone else for my project. Mr. Ghiasi was able to take just bits and pieces of what I was thinking, and automatically knew exactly what I was going for as he started throwing out ideas and practically putting into life what I was thinking. Furthermore; from our first conversation, Mr. Ghiasi, made me feel not as a client but as a family member as it was evident that he cared about making my dream home just that. I cannot say enough about Mr. Ghiasi, as he handled everything within a timely manner and most of all with love and care. Unfortunately, Mr. Ghiasi lost his Dad during the middle of our project but he didn't miss a beat. This is not just the type of professional you want working for you, but human being. His love and care are in everything that he says, does, and picks out for your home. I cannot say enough about my experience, as it was perfect. I highly recommend Mr. Ghiasi, I promise you will not be disappointed. 

Robert D.

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Absolutely OUTSTANDING experience working with Arash! From the very start when I began consulting with Arash, he provided a simple straightforward and streamlined process to get a sense of my tastes and blew my mind away by his design presentations. He managed the project like a true pro and was super transparent and responsive. I give him 10 stars and absolutely recommend him.

Antony M.

Our experience was excellent. Arash was very responsive and professional during the entire process. He was able to listen to our needs, and offer suggestions and listen to our feedback. He was able to show us design ideas that we would have never thought of on our own. We felt the process was valuable and really solidified our project layout and design. Thanks Arash! 

Steve W.

Working with Arash has been  an amazing experience!  Arash has done it for over 20 years, so anything from furniture selection and materials selection, he has been on point, not jeopardizing our own style but at the same time elevating us to another level of existence and challenging to truly transform life along with transforming space. Very patient, honest, and fun and easy to work with. People were very impressed with our choice of designer and his selections everywhere I went with him or taking his samples and our house is came together beautifully. I am managed renovations myself and he has been tremendously helpful, kind and patient but honest when it comes to my questions of choices, placements. Although our contract was for design and furniture, not project management, when he kindly offered one of his subcontractors to me when I needed extensive lighting work in my house , I had a glimpse of the quality and a value that he could bring to the turn key and project management contracts. Even during our initial phone consultation and then first face to face meeting/2 hrs consultation, I was impressed with how intuitive and sensitive Arash is to the needs of the client and also space solutions. We have listened to most of his initial advice and the one I didn’t listen to, I looked back and thought: I should have listened. So if you hire Arash for your project, submit to his creative genius and enjoy the process!

Natalja K.

I can tell Arash has been designing for a long time. He knows and can quickly let you know where the furniture goes and the color scheme for your house within budget. He even knows the lighting brightness that is best suitable for my home. I just ordered 40 recessed lights based on his recommendation and returned the ones I had bought before meeting with him. Thank you Arash! 

Charlotte K

Arash is really responsive, has a great eye and is  fantastic to work with.

Brett A.

Lots of personalized service! Its amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Arash. Our place is really elevated!

Kris B.

Arash was very easy to work with. He provided great design recommendations and feedback throughout my project. He was always accessible and available to provide insight while I was making selections. I would use him again on my next project

Ellen T.

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Duy T


Mr. Arash is a doer who is as quick on his action as his creativity. It was a pleasure to plan and work with Mr. Arash on our home renovation project. Highly recommended.

Duy T

Working with Arash was great fun. I learned a lot about design and he helped guide me to what I like and don’t like. This was a happy experience and I have a great plan that I can implement for my space. Highly recommended.

Valerie H

Such a great experience, he was totally flexible with my hours because I'm extremely busy. We were able to do everything over the phone and via text message. I just placed all of my orders and I'm so excited to get everything! I look forward to working with Arash again!

Cherie M

Wow!! What a difference did a consultation with Ghiasi Designs made! He knew exactly what to do to lay out my place in a way that FEELS so much better. Thanks you!!! Recommend 100%

Cristel R

I moved into a roomy duplex and had empty rooms. I was struggling to decide how to fill it all up. I reached out for help, and Arash answered. I am very satisfied with his advice, keen eye, empathy, speed, and his ability to do it all remotely.

Josh F

I contacted Arash to get assistance in designing a new office layout and picking out furniture. The office has an awkward shape by being on a rounded curve of the building. Arash was amazing in his customer service and in both making suggestions and listening to my needs/wants. He always quickly responded to my questions and followed up when I would forget to respond. I am very pleased with my new layout and having a modern and great looking office space. Arash is a great guy to work with!

Brandon M

I contacted Arash a couple of weeks ago regarding a design for an awkwardly shaped outdoor patio, but ended up with a brand new kitchen instead. For context, I had been searching for months for the right contractors and assistance to replace my countertops and cabinets on a meager budget, and had practically given up. After contacting, walking through, and receiving quotes from 4 general contractors and 2 licensed handymen, I had come to terms with the notion that I was unable to afford to renovate my kitchen. My plan was to outfit my outdoor patio, address the kitchen sometime in the future (who knows when) and move on. Arash arrived to our consultation for the patio, but immediately began rearranging my existing furniture and brainstorming ideas for interior design. I admitted I wanted to update my kitchen but chose to focus my attention outside, and Arash flipped the script. Within two hours, he had secured a fabricator for countertops and a painter/ installer for new cabinets, all for a price I was able to comprehend (unlike all of the other contractors that wanted $25000 to flip the kitchen). Arash accepted my design and project management challenge with a grateful heart and eye for detail. Within 8 days of consulting with Arash, both contractors arrived to demo my existing kitchen. Arash was incredibly communicative, answering all of my questions within minutes, and pursuing every last option before assigning contractors. He was optimistic but realistic, proposing options that fit my budget and extent of the work. With Arash, not only am I getting the interior design component I was looking for, but a project manager and someone that was looking out for my best interest. I am incredibly grateful. Thank you, Arash!

Taylor W